New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Review, Images, Charging

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Review, Images, Charging – The 2025 Cadillac Lyriq is going to be the electric car industry’s crown jewel, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news of its impending arrival with you. Explore the external & interior characteristics, engine and performance capabilities, various trim levels, price and release date information, and more in this article that offers a full overview of the revamped and upgraded Lyriq.

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

With its low dashboard and aluminum accents, the LYRIQ’s cabin is light and spacious. You can find the perfect position in the front seats thanks to the many adjustments and plenty of cushioning for your lower back and legs. With spacious legroom and excellent vision, the second row provides roughly the same level of comfort for two people. Although there is more than enough space for five people in the LYRIQ, the middle seat in the back has a back that is flat and is obstructed by the broad center console. New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq ReviewNew 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Interior

Beneath the panoramic glass top, passengers may rest and enjoy the peaceful journey. Wireless charging and phone mirroring are included as standard features, in addition to an infotainment system based on Google with navigation. To further enhance the tranquil atmosphere, an active noise cancellation technology is available with the 19-speaker AKG sound system. The steering wheel conceals haptic-touch buttons for multiple operations, ensuring that there is no clutter. It could be difficult to find the correct spot to press, particularly when moving. There is a maximum capacity of 28.0 cubic feet for goods, and that number rises to 60.8 square feet when the back seat is folded down. The cargo area’s boxy design and low, flat floor maximize the available space. The LYRIQ’s adaptability is enhanced by a deep bin located beneath the floor.

Entering new 2025 Cadillac Lyriq is like stepping into a realm of refined elegance. The inside of the Lyriq has been meticulously planned to deliver an unmatched driving experience, down to the finest materials, handcrafted finishes, and cutting-edge technological systems. Just as striking is the Lyriq’s exterior, which stands out from the crowd because to its sharp angles, large windows, and unique lighting features.

Cadillac has redesigned and upgraded the 2025 Lyriq extensively to satisfy the needs of modern, picky drivers. While its roomy and plush cabin provides a peaceful haven for travellers, the Lyriq’s aerodynamic external design makes it a show-stopper on the road. In addition to a state-of-the-art infotainment system with a big touchscreen, Cadillac has outfitted the Lyriq with an expensive sound system, and cutting-edge driver-assist systems for your safety and convenience.

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Specs

Engine & Performance

The LYRIQ is available with two different powertrains; the first is a rear-wheel-drive type that comes with a 340-horsepower, 325-pound-foot torque engine. The stronger twin-motor configuration produces 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Review

While the EPA-estimated fuel efficiency for 2023 vehicles was 97 mpg town, 82 mph roaNew 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Specsd, and 89 combination in RWD form, the updated 2025 models have not been announced yet. For this year’s models, Cadillac has slightly reduced the predicted range for RWD models to 308 miles and for AWD models to 307 miles.

The electric powertrain in the 2025 Cadillac Lyriq is so strong that it provides thrilling performance without sacrificing efficiency. The electric engine and state-of-the-art batteries in the Lyriq provide outstanding range, quick handling, and silky acceleration, making it the ideal vehicle for eco-conscious performance enthusiasts.

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Fuel Economy

Using General Motors’ Ultium chassis, each Lyriq is equipped with a 102 kWh battery pack. With a single motor, the 308-mile range is down from 312 miles in the 2023 model year, and with all-wheel drive, the range is nearly comparable at 307 miles. That is remarkable, given that the range of most electric vehicles with two motors is far lower than that of their single-motor counterparts.

While not the greatest in its class, the Lyriq’s charging capacity of as much as 190 kW is nonetheless noteworthy. Cadillac states that in around 10 minutes, drivers may increase the range to 76 miles. New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Review

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Safety Features

Cadillac included its Smart System into the LYRIQ, which includes a variety of driver aids like rear parking assist, front collision alert, and autonomous emergency braking with human recognition. Every LYRIQ comes included with heated wipers and blind zone steering assistance, while other amenities are available as optional extras on Tech variants but standard on higher-end models. Among these, you can find HD surround vision, adaptive cruise control, and improved parking assistance. New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq ReviewNew 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Price

The 2025 model year also saw the introduction of three new trim levels: Tech, Luxury, and Sport. Even at the base Tech trim level, you’ll find the Cadillac Smart System suite of driver-assistance and safety features, adaptive cruise control, 33-inch curved dashboard screen, a fixed glass roof, reclining second-row seating, and built-in Google infotainment functionality. The Tech retains the illuminated black shield grille but lacks the ornamentation seen on the other two trim levels.

As an upgrade from Tech, the luxury model comes with illuminating door handles, choreographed lighting for the nose’s cornering lights, an LED light bar for the rear spoiler, Rainsense windshield wipers, a PaperWood interior with 26 colors of lighting, heated front seats and wheels as standard, and ventilated front and heated rear seats as optional. New 22-inch wheels, an available black painted roof, dark ash wood decor, a Nappa leather package, better noise-cancellation, and an improved at-home charging rate (up from 11.5 kW on the Tech) are among the other options on the Luxury trim.

There are several 2025 Cadillac Lyriq trim levels to choose from, and each one has its own special collection of features and conveniences to suit individual preferences. All the way up to the most expensive trim, drivers can anticipate a plethora of high-tech amenities and plush interior fittings that will take their driving experience to the next level.

New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Release Date & Price

The 2025 Cadillac Lyriq is going to be a game-changer when it hits dealerships, but we don’t yet have official details like price or release date. The Lyriq is going to revolutionize electric vehicles with its eye-catching design, high-end interior, and cutting-edge technology. As the 2025 Cadillac Lyriq gets ready to be unveiled to the world, more details will be announced soon. New 2025 Cadillac Lyriq Review